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Reshaping Cities for a Healthy Environment

Reshaping Cities for a Healthy Environment

Rennes, France, 4 July - 17 July 2021

Nowadays, cities must meet considerable challenges with respect to mobility, security, and health. One of these challenges is related to the generation and processing of huge amounts of data, often including sensitive information. Thus, data processing, through big data analysis and data visualization, may trigger important concerns, such as legal issues, ethics and safety. Another considerable challenge implies the transformation of data into the necessary input to create innovative solutions in the field of a healthy environment. This step requires developing sustainable business models. Thus, the “Digital Transformation” of cities should be embedded in a multidisciplinary approach, involving all relevant stakeholder, e.g., government, city service providers, industry, and citizens.

In this context, our Summer School programme will aim to encourage the local entrepreneurial ecosystem of Rennes (France) in the co-elaboration of digital solutions that help make the city healthier. Addressing diverse city challenges, such as reduced mobility accessibility or telecommunication infrastructure, the programme will seek to integrate science and society with the objective to add social value to technical expertise in order to impact citizens health. The participants will work in teams on cases provided by companies and city services such as “visual recognition techniques to manage protected natural resources”, “car-sharing based on the free-floating strategy”, “the Rennes Urban Data Interface (RUDI) as a web portal for sharing public and private data”, “AI-enhanced camera surveillance for evaluating driver’s behaviour”, “network solutions to create smart buildings and smart cities using IoT, BMS, sensors, actuators, for sharing, monitoring, managing open data, building automation, and collaborative network”, and “customer profiling to improve marketing and to reduce webshop returns”.  These cases will be provided by several start-ups and will be presented by their entrepreneurs.

The Summer School will take place in Rennes. It is a vibrant city and a world-class technological hotspot in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Located in the western part of France (Brittany), the city is a major education and high-tech R&D centre of global renown. The Summer School will be hosted by the University Rennes 1 in the same building as the EIT Digital Satellite CLC. This building is equipped with the latest educational technologies. We will also have the opportunity to visit the coast in the context of the social event activity, in particular Saint-Malo and the Mont Saint Michel, a beautiful medieval city on the sea.

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