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Summer School Designed for Success

  • 2 weeks of intensive workshops
  • 11 programmes in digital innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Learn from the faculty and staff of our top tech EU partner universities
  • Gain hands-on experience through company cases, project work and collaboration
  • Earn 4 ECTS credits for your final report (optional)
  • Have fun meeting and networking with like-minded students from around the world
  • Competitively priced tuition

The 5 main reasons to choose the EIT DIGITAL Summer Schools

Best Portfolio of Deep-Tech TopicsBest Portfolio of Deep-Tech Topics

EIT Digital offers a portfolio of programmes to deepdive in emerging digital technologies and learn how to turn technology into business. Each Summer School programme is themed around major societal and industrial challenges in the global digital economy: Digital Cities, Digital Finance, Digital Industry, Digital Tech and Digital Wellbeing.
Real-World Business CasesReal-World Business Cases

Summer Schools programmes are held at several locations throughout Europe, during which participants from different backgrounds immerse themselves in real business case studies originating from our EIT Digital extensive ecosystem made of accelerators, startups and network of industrial partners.
Community and Ecosystem Community and Ecosystem

Participants will work with the international, high-skilled, cohort of students from the EIT Digital Master School coming from 18 partner universities and 9 EU member states, all of which are academic leaders in the delivery of technical, and innovation and entrepreneurship education. External participants come from various backgrounds, including other students, Ph.D. candidates, and working professionals.
First Step to Launch Your Own StartupFirst Step to Launch Your Own Startup

Participants learn how to develop and evaluate different business models and are challenged by delivering and pitching their ideas. For participants willing to scale their proposal and bring it to the next level, a startup pitch competition will be organized in October. The winner will receive a cash prize up to €5000 to scale the startup and will be considered to join the EIT Digital Innovation Factory.
Teambuilding Fun!Teambuilding Fun!

In addition to learning and mastering their innovation and entrepreneurial skills, our participants enjoy many team building activities. Working in teams, forging bonds, and networking with likeminded individuals, are an essential part of our programmes. Activities vary from location to location, such as boat trips, zip-lines, sightseeing tours, etc. Further details are omitted, not to spoil the surprise!

Curious about other EIT Digital Summer School advantages?

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  • Rafael Muñoz GómezRafael Muñoz Gómez - Very glad to have participated in the EIT Digital 2020 Rennes Summer School - Unleashing the power of circular city data.

    It was a really unique online learning experience. I am very grateful for all the effort made by the people from the University of Rennes 1 and EIT Digital. Special thanks to Alvaro Pina Stranger and all the mentors: Alberto Tejero Lopez, Maud Serpin, Aude Castan, Francois Huber, Serdar DrZero and Véronique TRUB.
  • Marta MazziMarta Mazzi - From August 2nd to August 14th I participated to the EIT Digital Summer School in "Healthy Lifestyle and Behavioural Changes" (online edition).

    It was a pleasure to work on the case study proposed by Lars Mulder regarding childhood obesity together with my teammates Przemysław Lewandowski, Marta Bertran Ferrer, Juba Saadi, Juta Jaama and Juan Álvarez Fernández del Vallado.

    We worked hard together coming up with a winning solution: Lola the Carmanyola. A smart lunchbox targeted toward children connected to an application to be installed on the parent's smartphone.

    A big thank you to our mentors and tutors Ákos R. Wetters and Peter Langela which helped and supported us all along our journey.
  • Vinko MlačićVinko Mlačić - It has been a month since I attended the EIT Digital Summer School hosted by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

    The theme of the Summer School was "Disrupting Finance with Digital Technologies". We received lectures about the most significant topics in digital finance from industry experts. My team and me had the daunting task of adapting online and mobile banking to the elderly.

    I would like to thank the coach team (Alessandro T. and Balazs Horvath) that helped us a immensely with the I&E work and for their efforts in keeping the atmosphere light and fun with the social activities.

    Although the format was remote, the organization of the Summer School did an excellent job at giving us the best possible experience. Furthermore, having an experience of working in a team remotely is definitely a plus in these times.

    All in all, a great experience. The thing I am the happiest about was the opportunity to meet so many interesting people!
  • Léo VuylstekerLéo Vuylsteker - University of Rennes 1's online Summer School on "Unleashing the Power of Circular City Data" was a great human (and learning) adventure that has now come to an end.

    Thank you again Université de Rennes 1 and EIT Digital !

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