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The Generative AI Toolkit for Start-up and Scale-up Growth

Generative AI promises to be one of the most transformative technologies of the coming decade. Following the widespread adoption of Large Language Model tools such as Chat GPT and Dall-E, entrepreneurs have been experimenting with how they can use these technologies to create new ventures and disrupt established industries.

Due to the rapid pace of technological development, there is no common playbook for start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs to draw on when utilizing generative AI. Evidence around ‘what works’ remains fragmented, and many new ventures and scale-ups are struggling to identify optimal ways of integrating generative AI tools into value-creating activities. There is a strong demand, therefore, for individuals who have a cutting-edge applied framework for using generative AI in high-potential entrepreneurial ventures.

Main Topics

In this course, we provide a structured approach for using AI to turbo-charge start-up and scale-up activities. We do so by showing participants how to facilitate productivity and creativity advantages that increase venture competitiveness and growth. Using a new toolkit developed by the module delivery team of academics and entrepreneurs, you will learn how to apply a design thinking approach to build the next generation of transformative 'AI-native' start-ups.

The core topics include:

  1. What is Generative AI?
  2. Generative AI for new productive/service development: ideation, prototyping, and concept validation.
  3. Integrating Generative AI into the start-up/scale-up value chain: towards a productivity advantage.
  4. How can virtual agents support growth? Exploring chatbots and beyond.
  5. Designing jobs and organizations around Generative AI: what will the future start-up look like?

Through participation in the programme, you will be provided with a range of different strategic tools and frameworks that can be used at a later date to support entrepreneurial ventures as they experiment with and integrate generative AI into their value chain. You will also learn how to integrate these new frameworks with popular innovation tools such as the Business Model Canvas.


Intended Audience

This module is designed for university students, recent graduates, and young professionals working - or planning to work - in start-up or scale-up ventures. Participants will have an interest in harnessing new tools and techniques that are in high demand and can be applied in a real-world context. No technical knowledge of artificial intelligence or coding is required to participate in the module.


The workshop will take place at the brand new Adam Smith Business School building at the University of Glasgow. The University campus is based in the heart of the West End of Glasgow, a beautiful and bustling area filled with parks, cafes, bars and restaurants. Students will also travel to Edinburgh, the ancient capital of Scotland, for a field trip to experience the Edinburgh Festival, the world’s largest theatre, arts and music festival.

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Co-Funded by the European Union