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Maritime Informatics & Robotics

Marine robots are seen as game changers for marine science, deep-sea and polar exploration, environmental monitoring, oceanographic research , but also shipping. They offer the potential of exploring the oceans at depths currently out of reach, while remaining at sea for several months and continuously recording data and collecting samples. Their applications range from inspecting submerged structures and laying cables, to constantly transporting goods in a greener and safer way. However, the ocean is one of the most harsh, complex and dynamic working environments for robots. It poses many scientific and technical challenges which have more in common with outer space than with land or aerial environments on Earth.

Main Topics

Elevate your skills this summer with our exhilarating summer Programme, designed to plunge you into the dynamic world of data science, data engineering, machine learning, and AI, specifically tailored for marine robotics. Our uniquely crafted curriculum bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering an immersive experience in the cutting-edge realm of marine technology.

Discover the power of multidisciplinary learning through our inclusion of innovative concepts like design thinking and GIS-enhanced storyboards. Our focus isn't just on learning; it's on doing. Get hands-on with on-water experiments and witness the thrilling sea trials of several advanced marine robots, bringing classroom theories to life.

The programme's diverse format blends enlightening lectures and insightful industrial talks with practical lab work and field tests. You'll engage in both autonomous and guided teamwork, focusing on project design, development, and business planning, all while building lasting professional relationships through our team-building activities.

But that's not all! This summer school is your gateway to the Aegean Ro-boat Race, an esteemed autonomous vessel competition. As part of our programme, you'll prepare to compete in this prestigious event, challenging you to design and deploy innovative autonomous robotic systems capable of performing in real-world maritime conditions. This is your chance to make a splash in the field, fostering innovation and forging stronger connections between academia and industry.

Join us for a summer of learning, innovation, and adventure. Dive into the future of maritime technology and set sail on a journey of discovery and professional growth. Your future in maritime technology innovation starts here!


Intended Audience

The programme is intended for young professionals as well as Bachelor, Master or early PhD students, who want to deep-dive in the fields of computer science, applied to maritime studies. It is also directed towards field practitioners wanting to gain insights into the most recent developments in maritime informatics. Any educational background is welcome.


The Summer School will take place in Syros, in the Center of the Aegean Sea in Greece, at the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean. Thanks to the island's proximity to the Greek capital and the ferry and flight connections between Syros and Piraeus, Syros receives thousands of guests throughout the year, especially during summer and Easter.

The Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering is located in different traditional buildings in the Historical Center or in the region of Hermoupolis. From airport, you can reach the University main building (1st High School of Syros) by taxi. The university buildings are in walking distance from the port.

Ηow to get to Syros

By Air

There are several flights from Athens. The airline company is the Sky Express. Check out their websites for special prices especially if you book early.

By Sea

During summer there is a frequent daily schedule of ferries leaving from Piraeus and the trip takes between 2-4 hours depending on the ferry. Several companies go to Syros, the most known are Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways.


Syros provides a range of accommodation options, including hotels and bed and breakfasts. The accommodations in Hermoupolis are conveniently situated within a walking distance of the Summer School venue. We have arranged discounted prices at the accommodation options below.

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Co-Funded by the European Union