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Welcome to our innovative Summer School program, specifically designed for forward-thinking students and professionals eager to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancing the Green Deal goals. This unique program merges cutting-edge technical knowledge with entrepreneurial acumen, offering participants a comprehensive learning experience in AI technologies and their application in sustainability.

Main Topics

The goal of the Summer School is to empower students or professionals to develop business propositions working towards the Green Deal goals using AI technologies. The Summer School will include a mix of technical lectures and entrepreneurial education, culminating in a challenge to solve a real-world problem. 

The following technical topics will be tackled: 

  1. Introduction to AI and AI4Sustainability
  2. Machine Learning Overview
  3. Huawei AI Framework to Build AI Solutions
  4. Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Services
  5. Huawei AI Computing Platform Atlas
  6. MindSpore Opensource AI framework Overview and Operating Demo Practice
  7. ModelArts: One-stop AI development platform  introduction
  8. Cloud Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform
  9. Challenges and use cases in AI4Sustainability

In parallel, participants will work on their entrepreneurial skills in different sessions:

  1. Business Model Canvas
  2. Product Market Fit
  3. Pitch Training

During the AI4Sustainability Workshops, participants will integrate their newly acquired skills to solve a real-world problem that relates to the Green Deal Goals. They can choose their own challenge or some of the challenges proposed to work on.

There will be a prize for the best performers that will be delivered in an award ceremony that will be followed by a networking cocktail at the end of the course.

Intended Audience

The  Summer School is open to young professionals, as well as Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. students, researchers and professors, who want to deep-dive in emerging digital technologies and learn how to turn these technologies into business. This will enable them to become innovators in the field of AI for Green in start-ups, larger companies or academia.

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Co-Funded by the European Union