Metaverse and Digital Asset Management

The awakening of metaverses has forced a redefinition of the old, so far-known concept of property. In these virtual worlds, digital assets are generally enabled by tokenization (NFTs or other kinds of tokens). They can cover various goods, from custom avatars/furniture to virtual real estate properties (ReTech) or even entire lands, with their own governance rules. The growing diversity of these securities and their complex underlying technologies require, more than ever, new professional profiles that are yet to be in the market, blurring the frontiers of Programming, Finance, and Art.

In the past two years, the tech world has been abuzz with two concepts: NFTs and MV. NFTs are the essential tokens required for trading and asset ownership within the Metaverse. The price of virtual land and virtual land parcels in 2021 is going through the roof, sales topped $500 million, and it opened opportunities for skilled engineers, architects, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Main Topics

The one week of Summer School will serve as a crash course into the economic and financial dimensions within the metaverses. It is not a course only for beginners who want to jump to the Metaverse and make an investment, but also for the tech-geeks who study computer science, psychology, or UX and are interested to know more about Virtual Reality. In the end, participants can analyse the market structure across the Metaverse value chain, evaluate digital assets, and identify high-value use cases for Metaverse.

During the week, international key actors will share their expertise in the form of lectures, providing state-of-the-art knowledge in different sessions, while students will work on concrete innovation challenges, related to Web3 games and platforms, implementation of tokens and NFTs.

The summer school will cover different topics such as Advanced Knowledge of the VR/AR Market and the Metaverse, Actors Involved in the Market, Creating Coherent Metaverse and Products, Introduction to NFTs and asset management, Data Analytics and asset management in the Metaverse, Marketing and Legal Perspective.


Intended Audience

The Summer School is open to young professionals, as well as Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. students, who want to deep-dive into emerging digital technologies and learn how to turn these technologies into business. This will enable them to become innovators in the field of Asset Management in Metaverse, as Developers, Entrepreneurs, marketers and engineers in start-ups or larger companies.


The Summer School takes place at the Campus Montegancedo, the scientific and technical center of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and EIT Digital Spain location centre. This was one of the first universities of excellence in Spain and is one of the top universities in Europe.

The city center of Madrid can be reached within 20 minutes via the subway. Together with the EIT students, we want to experience Madrid with its great variety of cultural, sports, and social activities, such as visiting different museums (Museo del Prado, Reina Sofia), a short trip to another city around Madrid, etc.


Accommodation can be provided by the following hotels where other Summer School attendees will be hosted:


Local school organisers will provide you with all support and info you may need.

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Co-Funded by the European Union