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Nowadays, cities must meet considerable challenges with respect to health and environmental sustainability. In this context, our Summer School programme will aim to encourage the local entrepreneurial ecosystem of Rennes in the co-elaboration of digital solutions that help make the city healthier and sustainable, for example, in relation to reduced mobility accessibility and protection of urban endangered species.


During the two weeks, participants will work in teams on challenging cases, related to visual recognition techniques to manage protected nature resources, car-sharing solutions, use of public and private data, and network solutions to create smart buildings and smart cities using IoT. These cases will be provided by several start-ups and will be presented by their entrepreneurs.

Along our international event, paricipants will also be trained in key innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) topics, such as problem definition, technological watch, business models, value proposition, user experience and technology pitch.

In the end, they will have to present their potential entrepreneurial projects in front of a qualified jury.

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Accommodation can be provided by the following hotels located close to the Summer School venue:

Local school organisers will provide you with all support and info you may need.

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Co-Funded by the European Union