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Internet of Things and Business Transformation

Internet of Things and Business Transformation


August 2 - August 15, 2020

The topic of the summer school is internet of things (IoT), as a main driver for future digital infrastructures. With the advances of ICT, milliards of “things” will learn and collaborate through a reliable, efficient and secure network, using distributed storage and computing resources. Therefore, one of the key challenges at an infrastructure level is the better integration of IoT in the current networking and computational solutions. The vision of IoT requires new technical solutions in three large technology areas, such as embedded systems, for energy efficient sensing and actuation, communication and networked system for connecting the huge amount of devices, as well as computing, data analytics and visualization for the IoT based applications.

IoT also challenges the business ecosystems of the traditional telecommunication sector, and provides new opportunities for traditional as well as emerging industries. 

The summer school will train students in analysing the implication that a new technology area might have on society, individuals and businesses and to identify emerging business roles and opportunities. It will give the students an understanding for how digital infrastructure technology areas may impact and enlarge the market and industry for communication systems and services. 

Building on the development of practical IoT business cases, the school will help the students to recognize values and opportunities that emanate from the enabling properties of emerging technology, inspire them to consider technology and business together, and to be curious about future IoT applications and solutions. 

The school will be case and project oriented, where students will be supported by introductory and supplementary lectures, invited talks from small and large IoT enterprises, as well as by continuous coaching by technical and I&E experts. 

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This programme is organised by EIT Digital Summer School and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

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