Healthy Lifestyle and Behavioural Change

Healthy Lifestyle and Behavioural Change

Eindhoven, Netherlands - SUMMER 2019 APPLICATION PERIOD CLOSED

August 4 - August 16, 2019

The population is getting older, the healthcare costs are increasing, the changes in society are growing faster and emerging consumer empowerment are all key factors that cause large societal challenges. Finding new solutions is important and may also provide new business opportunities.

Digital Wellbeing activities within EIT Digital focuses on innovations and business solutions, based on ICT, that will enable good physical and mental wellbeing for citizens in their private life and at work, as well as reduce the demand for expensive healthcare services.

During this Summer School, wellbeing topics will be introduced through lectures and workshops on lifestyle and wellbeing trends e.g. the latest privacy legislation, new business models, digital solutions to assess, measure (“quantified self”), changing behaviour and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Participants will explore various hazards to preserving good health and wellbeing at home, at work and in urban settings - and what is needed to reverse these trends. Usability and social aspects that have an impact on a healthy lifestyle will also be part of the course. Participants work in small teams on cases provided by scale-ups and /or large companies like Philips.

In this programme you will learn:

  • the essence  and trends regarding healthy lifestyle and behavioural change
  • about the latest developments on privacy legislation
  • to understand new business models and digital solutions to assess
  • to explore the topics that form a hazard for our health and wellbeing at home, at work and in cities, and what it will take to reverse these trends
  • skills like business development, teambuilding techniques and pitch crafting

The Summer School will take place at the Co-Location Centre at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus in Netherlands.

Summer 2020 application period!
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What happened at this location in the previous year

  • Visits to the Light Application Centre at Signify and Enversed VR Center.
  • Speakers from academia and companies like the Solar Team Eindhoven, InnoValor, HighTechXL, Philips to introduce students to digital wellbeing and building business cases.
  • Students worked on cases provided by Utrecht University, Philips, iMEC and Bright Cape ranging from digital health advising, fatigue assessment, enhancing sleep quality to providing better guidance to bariatric patients and their families.

Summer School Netherlands

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