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Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience

Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 25 July - 7 August 2021

The summer school explores the deployment of disruptive IT technologies for information, mobility and safety services in cities and organizations working with cities. Adding IT technologies to existing management approaches will allow new ways of decentralised and collaborative communication and coordination, data and event recording and replay, and post-event analysis. The design of such a supportive IT structure is typically an example of “digital transformation” where existing organisations (companies, local municipality administrations, police, fireguards, hospitals, citizens) will have to find new ways of working through a collaborative and interactive change process.

Organizations often face challenges related to adaptation to new administrative and operational procedures because of the employment of disruptive IT technology. This becomes even more of a problem when change is continuous and accelerating, as not all organizations are flexible enough to survive in these conditions and often show cultural and organisational inertia. The summer school will teach the participants how to analyse work processes and organisations and how to develop new working methods through an interactive design process using intrapreneurial and participative actions and experiments. The participants will visit the organisations and will interview different stakeholders.

The end goal is to provide scenarios and solutions that address concrete problems of stakeholders, developed with the help of digital technologies. In this view, cities, companies and administrations are seen as enablers, as they provide a common (physical) ground in which other organizations operate and collaborate.

An example of such an environment will be presented to the participants of the summer school. They will work on challenges presented by the digital cities project in one of the largest cities in the country, often described as the ‘Smart Pond’. Several organizations (companies, utilities and other stakeholders) working in different specific fields of the implementation of the digital technologies to improve the resilience of the city, their organizations and test the implementation of solutions to some of the societal challenges impacting the world today.

The final solutions to the presented challenges will be presented as proposals for experiments that could be conducted by the involved organizations. As such students will pitch a strategic plan for applying digital transformation in a chosen organization.

The summer school will be organised by the University of Ljubljana. Cases will be provided by the cities of Ljubljana, and potentially another city in a neighbouring country.

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