Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience

11 July - 22 July 2022

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The program has a focus on the digital transformation process to make cities and organizations more resilient. Utility companies, city management organizations and municipalities are the main target.‚Äč

Summer School programme on Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience will be the fourth implementation of this Summer School by the University of Ljubljana. It has been targeting the subject of resilience and digital technologies that can enhance the resilience of organizations. Targeting the Digital Cities vertical, we will be aiming to solve specific problems that cities and other organizations encounter.

In a business and technological environment where the pace of change is increasing, these organizations can use digital technologies and use the digital transformation process to become more resilient. Several companies, including utility companies, and organizations like city management organizations are very interested to present the challenges they are facing and seek for solutions developed in collaboration with Summer School participants.

The final solutions to the challenges will be presented as proposed experiments that could be implemented by the participating organisations. As such, students will pitch a strategic plan for applying digital transformation in a selected organisation.

EIT Digital Summer School Ljubljana - Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience:

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