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Design Thinking and Scaling Services for Cities

Design Thinking and Scaling Services for Cities


August 2 - August 15, 2020

The purpose of this 2-week boot camp program is to co-develop digital innovations for the urban setting by participatory means, in order to build new product and service concepts. Through the interlinking of innovation & entrepreneurship we aim to enhance the overall citizen experience making cities more lovable.

We take a design thinking practical methodology approach to innovation that is driven by deep user understanding, early prototyping, and iterative testing of the potential solutions for optimal learning. Through this process participants will be guided through the development of new, innovative products and services, processes, business models, and strategies.

Participants will learn the central methods and concepts of Design Thinking, and practice first-hand through a real innovation challenge that you have experienced in cities. From here participants will look at their own organization from human, strategic and entrepreneurial perspectives.

We focus on maximizing the scalability of every solution by identifying the scaling barriers and competitive advantages to provide the right tools for service scaling. Our mission is to develop solutions that can be widely used and scaled for different locations or different purposes. Through this part of the program you will experience firsthand the challenges that arise when you implement and scale your innovative concepts and be able to conquer those unexpected situations.

By the end of the program, you will be able to identify opportunities for innovation through user research, develop innovative ideas, turn the ideas into early prototypes, and be able to test them with users for feedback. You will learn how to practically apply Design Thinking to business models and how to implement them within your organization. Finally, you will become familiarized with the scale-up methodologies and finding possibilities for wider utilization of services. This comprehensive program will lead you through the Finnish entrepreneurship ecosystem with visits, key notes on interesting cases and highlighting cases and methodologies.

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This programme is organised by EIT Digital Summer School and Aalto University, Finland.

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