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Data Science for Financial Problems

Data Science for Financial Problems

Budapest, Hungary, 18 July - 31 July 2021

Application of Data Science, Computational Intelligence and Machine learning in the domain of Finance and Financial Services Technologies is a hot topic.  There is a huge spectrum of various technologies that are available in libraries in the form of open-source or open-access form that can be used effectively in the domain of Finance. Now, one of the important issues is how to support SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), micro firms and start-up in symbiosis with a financial institution that have available data of enterprises as e.g., bank account, electronic invoices, taxing data through supporting to transmit the tax information to Tax Authorities in a timely fashion. The financial institution and their subsidiaries can access data that are not open for everyone. Thereby, the methods that were traditionally called Business Intelligence and Business Analytics with an extension of the most recent Data Science can yield a value-added set of services exploiting the rich palette of data analytics like deep learning, TensorFlow, complex time series, natural language processing, etc.

During the summer school, participants will get acquainted with a framework of state-of-the-art technology that will support visual programming and allow alternative approaches of algorithms, comparing the results on the various data sets using the standard metrics. The theoretical background e.g., time series analysis and “business intelligence”, can be studied and employed on business and financial cases. It will cover foundational concepts and practical knowledge in hands-on sessions.

Since the primary focus of the program is on the expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship, participants will work on business assignments for innovative use of machine learning in cooperation with companies and start-ups from the Budapest ecosystem.

The social event will be held at the Balaton lake, the Hungarian Sea – as we Hungarians like to call it. It is one of the region's foremost tourist destinations, for relaxing, swimming, fishing and other sports. The weekend at the lake will offer the participants exciting outdoor activities, as well as a taste of Hungary, thanks to the flavoursome, mineral-rich wines and the authentic regional home-made delicacies.

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