Data Driven Manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Data Driven Manufacturing with Industry 4.0


July 21 - August 3, 2019

The EIT Digital Industry action line addresses the seamless integration of customer and retailer needs with the delivering of products through manufacturing and logistics. Digital manufacturing, referred to as Industry 4.0, uses intelligent sensors and control systems to allow real-time optimization of manufacturing and supply chain networks.

The summer school will provide an effective multidisciplinary learning environment through Open Innovation Lab concept already in place in the area of Bologna, by putting together students, university, and companies in a unique community toward the advancement of the whole Industry 4.0 ecosystem via collaborative interaction between all main actors. Moreover, informal meetings with the entrepreneurial local community will be arranged to foster exchange and generate new business ideas. Traditional classes will be integrated with other less formal teaching activities, more active and participated, by merging different ways of involving students, which will also address training soft skills: i) user-centric service design; ii) business plan and lean approach; iii) pitch preparation and attention to details; iv) creativity in innovation.

Location: the summer school will be organized by the University of Bologna at the University Residential Center of Bertinoro (Centro Universitario di Bertinoro - CeUB).

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