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EIT Digital Master School kicks-off new academic year for tomorrow's digital innovators and entrepreneurs in Trento

From 25-26 October, 400 international EIT Digital Master School students studying in one of our European partner universities will gather in Trento, Italy, for the yearly Kick-Off of the EIT Digital Master School. This two-day event marks the beginning of Europe's premier technical education programme for innovation and entrepreneurial talents, to realise Europe’s digital transformation.

The Kick-Off introduces the new academic year for a European education that introduces students to the latest deep tech technologies and how to put these into business. The Kick-Off will be held at the University of Trento, one of the EIT Digital technical education partners in Europe.

Business Challenge

The new Master School students will come together for an exhausting, yet inspiring programme. Main focus of the two days Kick-Off is the business challenge. The students are tasked to think out and pitch an innovative business idea in a realistic business challenge competition. In doing so, they start building the foundation of their pan-European network.


Preceding the Business Challenge, the students will be inspired by keynotes of EIT Digital partners and friends. Franco Bernabè,Chairman of FB Group and former Chairman and CEO of EIT Digital partner Telecom Italia, Expert System  CEO Stefano Spaggiari, and Silvia Zanella, Head of Employer Branding at EY Italy, Spain and Portugal, join EIT Digital's representatives to provide students with their views on the core challenges of business in general and the digital sector in particular.

Learning to think as an entrepreneur is a key element of the EIT Digital Master School. The programme seeks out the best technical students and equips them with cutting-edge technical knowledge and business skills so that they can go on to help assure Europe's role in the global digital economy.


According to Arturo Varona, Head of the EIT Digital Master School, the school prepares newly enrolled students for the needs of industry. “Europe needs our students to catch up in the digital economy. Our students put their deep technological knowledge into business and the industry appreciates - and recruits -  our t-shaped students. They need people who understand both technology and business."


EIT Digital Master School students can choose to study from technical master school programmes taught by a network of top European universities. During the two-year course, they will have to complete a work placement as well as a two-week Summer School programme. Graduates of the programme will be rewarded with a double master's degree coupled with a certificate from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Currently, 16 partner universities in seven countries participate in the scheme.

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