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Application portal for the EIT Digital Master School is open

EIT Digital Master School students

EIT Digital Master School students

EIT Digital Master School students

EIT Digital Master School students

Europe’s premier master school programmes for entrepreneurial technologists awaits new students

The admissions portal for the EIT Digital Master School is now open for all students who want to learn how to turn technology into business. Students can apply for a two-year programme and be awarded upon graduation, two Masters’ degrees from two top technical universities, plus a certificate from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

The EIT Digital Master School aims to train professionals with technical excellence with strong expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship. This means that graduating students are able to turn deep tech into business. “This skill set is very needed to build a strong digital Europe”, says Roberto  Prieto, Chief Education Officer at EIT Digital.  “The industry needs people who not only understand the new emerging technologies, but also know how to use these technologies in business. We prepare our students on these needs which makes them very much wanted on the labour market.”

During the two years of technical studies the students will be immersed by innovation and entrepreneurial classes and challenges. This already starts at the annual KickOff where new students from all over the world are teamed up in a two day business challenge. Within the mandatory two-weeks Summer School in between the two years they are tasked to crack a real live business case from one of our partners.

Within the EIT Digital Master School students can choose from nine technical Master School programmes. These programmes can be followed throughout Europe. The EIT Digital Master School consist namely of a network of 18 top tech universities in eleven countries and research and industry partners across Europe. By studying at EIT Digital, students are part of a unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, researchers and alumni across the whole of Europe. 

During the two-year course of study, students learn at two different universities in two countries, complete a work placement and also participate in a two-week summer school programme. At the time of graduation, it is anticipated that the EIT Digital Master School students are 100 percent employed or continuing in PhD-programmes. Over a third of the graduates plan to start their own company within two years of graduation.

In 2019 the programme had been called as one of the best ICT programme by the Dutch ICT magazine Computable.

For more information on selection criteria, admissions process and key deadlines, please go to our EIT Digital Master School webpage.

Or go directly to the Application Portal and apply now:

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EIT Digital Master School

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